Acorn Curved Stairlifts

Could you or your loved one benefit from a curved stairlift?

No-one wants to give up their own home, especially for the sake of climbing a few stairs… but if you or your loved one are struggling to climb the stairs on a regular basis, why struggle? Why not enjoy all the benefits of staying in your own home – and remove the barrier of the stairs, and remove that risk of what could be serious injury from a fall…

The affordable and easy-to-install Curved Stairlift by Acorn, combines safety and comfort whilst providing your loved one with the answer to reduced mobility due to advancing years.

The modern design of an Acorns Curved Stairlift makes them affordable, easy-to-install and easy for them to use. Designed to blend into the look of the home, as each Acorns Curved Stairlift is engineered to fold neatly away. This ingenious feature means your curved stairlift is never in the way of other family members who prefer to walk up and down the stairs.

The Acorns Curved Stairlift system cleverly adjusts the speed and seat level as you travel around corners, keeping you totally safe. And being battery powered, you need never worry about the fear of being stranded in the event of a power cut.


  • Comfort first
    The padded seat and backrest ensure you are always comfortable
  • Simple controls
    You’ll find your stairlift can be operated with the lightest of touches
  • Safety features
    You’ll always feel secure thanks to the safety belt on all our stairlifts
  • Folds away
    Don’t worry that other people won’t be able to get up and down your stairs as the fold-away design includes neat folding arms, seat and footrest
  • Remote control calling
    Summon the stairlift up or down with ease. Ideal if you share the use of your stairlift with a loved one
  • You won’t need to twist
    You’ll be able to get on and off the stairlift at the top of your stairs without twisting your body thanks to the lockable swivel seat
  • Digital Display
    It’s easy for you or loved ones to see the exact status of your stairlift at any time
  • Quick assembly
    You’ll love our faster delivery and installation times. Thanks to the modular rail system we’re able to assemble much of your stairlift from components always held in stock
  • Safety Sensors
    Any obstruction on the stairs is detected by smart safety sensors on the footrest and carriage. If alerted the sensors gently bring the stairlift to an automatic stop



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